Guidelines for authors: Publishing with PNWLL Press



Manuscripts submitted to PNWLL Press should be sent to An editor will then forward the manuscript to appropriate reviewers (for information about review criteria, please see LINK). Manuscripts submitted for review should be in PDF format and may be accompanied by sound files. PNWLL Press can host sound files accompanying published manuscripts.

Manuscripts submitted for review should not be under review with another publisher. A high standard of academic integrity is expected from all authors; plagiarism in any form will not be tolerated.



Initial submissions should be 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing and 1 inch margins. Submissions should be anonymized as far as possible; authors should refer to their own work in third person and remove acknowledgments and other identifying information (placeholders, such as ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS’ may be inserted).

Linguistic examples, tables, and figures should be number consecutively and set apart from surrounding text. Linguistic data referred to in the text should be italicized and followed by a gloss (if the data is not English).

Submissions should include a list of all glosses used that are not found within the Leipzig Glossing Conventions. Submissions should also include a complete bibliography of cited works.

Once accepted for publication, PNWLL Press editors will typeset the manuscript according to the PNWLL Press template. Authors can accelerate this process by submitting in Latex using the PNWLL template and class file.



 Peer reviewed works published by PNWLL will be published under a Creative Commons BY-NC license such that the work may be reproduced if properly attributed and for non-commercial purposes. This is so that the works may be freely available, especially for educational use.