Alexander Stories Collection


Sqwéqwel’ Múta7 Sptakwlh: St’át’imcets Narratives by Qwa7yán’ak, published jointly by UBCOPL and USLCES, is a volume of 18 narratives told by Qwa7yán’ak Carl Alexander, originally recorded in St’át’imcets (Lillooet Salish) over several years.  The book includes six sections: Sptakwlh (Legends), History, Growing up at Nqwáxwqten, Residential school experiences, Later life and work, and Reflections. Each story is presented first in St’át’imcets, then in English, and finally with an interlinear gloss of the St’át’imcets original. The volume also includes five maps of traditional St’át’imc territory, annotated with place names in St’át’imcets and English, a Forward by Qwa7yán’ak Carl Alexander, and an Introduction by Henry Davis.

Paperback volume, 434 pages, incl. maps, $35 CAD
ISBN 987-0-88865-259-1

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Order both Sqwéqwel’s Nelh Skelkekla7lhkálha: Tales of Our Elders AND Sqwéqwel’ Múta7 Sptakwlh: St’át’imcets Narratives, and they will ship for free in Canada!