T’sit’sa̱k’ala̱mes Ruby: Ruby’s stories


T̓sit̓sa̱k̓ala̱mes Ruby: Ruby’s stories is a collection of 18 stories in Kwak’wala told by Ruby Dawson Cranmer, including traditional legends, historical incidents, personal memories and an instructional text. As the first modern-day collection of Kwak’wala narratives, the book will be of interest to a wide audience, including language learners, teachers, linguists and anyone with an interest in Kwak’wala language and culture. Each of the stories are presented first in Kwak’wala, then in an English translation, and finally in a version showing the breakdown of each word with an accompanying translation and interlinear gloss. The stories are accompanied by audio files, allowing the reader to also listen to the stories in Kwak’wala as they were told.

Paperback volume, 359 pages, $25.00 CAD (tax included)
Table of contents
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ISBN 978-0-88865-339-0

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Audio file for Galabe’: Foreword (Kwak’wala)
Audio file for Galabe’: Foreword (English)
Audio file for Ba̱k̓wa̱s: Wild Man of the Woods
Audio file for Dzunuḵ̓a: Dzunukwa
Audio file for Wina: War
Audio file for Tsa̱kago Bo’t: Chicago Boat
Audio file for Gukwa̱l̓as: Living Places
Audio file for La̱g̱u: Strawberry
Audio file for Ḵ̓wa̱li’: Uncle
Audio file for Lilol̓inux̱: Ghosts
Audio file for W̓at̓si: Dog
Audio file for Dza̱p̓es
Audio file for Hil̓u’swa̱’łe’: Great-grandmother
Audio file for Pentłaka̱n: Pentlican
Audio file for Dax’idsu’ ḵa̱nu’x̱w le’ lax̱a Y̓aksa̱m̓ Gukwdzi: Taken to go to the Bad Big House
Audio file for Alberni: Port Alberni
Audio file for Ya̱x̱wa: Danceland
Audio file for Galabe’ I’ax̱’ine’ lax̱ Bankuba: Starting Work in Vancouver
Audio file for Ḵ̓a̱ngax̱tola: Button Blanket
Audio file for Wikila̱’og̱a: Jessie

Zip file with Foreword and stories 1–2
Zip file with stories 3–10
Zip file with stories 11–14
Zip file with stories 15–18