True Stories by Laura Thevarge

Wenácw Iz’ = Sqwéqwel’s Laura (True Stories by Laura Thevarge) (2009) UBCWPL022
Edited by Lisa Matthewson, Christiana Christodoulou, John Lyon & Martin A. Oberg

    • This collection of texts was recorded and transcribed from Laura Thevarge, a speaker of the Lower dialect of St’át’imcets (a.k.a. Lillooet Salish), an endangered language of British Columbia. The texts are true stories from Laura’s rich and varied life experiences, and exemplify her dynamic oratory style and her deep knowledge of the language. There are perhaps as few as 50 speakers remaining, and so this may indeed be one of the last such collections. The volume is approx. 120 pages, contains 12 stories each divided into 3 sections: St’át’imcets transcription, English translation, and a complete interlinear gloss. There is an accompanying CD with 12 tracks, containing the original recordings from which the texts were transcribed.

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