UBC Qualifying Papers

Here you can find the proceedings of the UBC Qualifying Papers conferences.

UBC Qualifying Papers 3 (2013–2015),
University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics 44,
Andrei Anghelescu, Joel Dunham, and Natalie Weber (eds.), 2016.

UBC Qualifying Papers 2 (2011-2012).
University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics 34,
Alexis Black and Meagan Louie (eds.), 2012

Full volume available for download.

  • Jen Abel, “Phonetic imitation, accommodation, and audience design in Canadian radio interviews”, pp. 1-14.
  • Sihwei Chen, “The Temporal Interpretation of Modals in Mandarin Chinese”, pp. 15-30.
  • Kevin McMullin, “Learning consonant harmony in artificial languages: Locality”, pp. 31-44.
  • Joash Johannes, “Context-of-use of augmented and unaugmented N-stems in Nata”, pp. 45-59.
  • Kevin McMullin, “Similarity and half-rhyme acceptability”, pp. 60-74.
  • Blake Allen, “Using computational models of grammar to assess lexical influences on experimental judgments”, pp. 75-88.
  • Andrei Anghelescu, “Morphophonology and tone in Nata”, pp. 89-103.
  • Blake Allen, “Hiatus-conditioned accent shift in Japanese: expanding the vowel sonority hierarchy”, pp. 104-118.

UBC Qualifying Papers 1 (2010-2011).
University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics 33,
Analía Gutiérrez and Elizabeth Stelle (eds.), 2011

Full volume available for download.

  • Jennifer Abel, “Context-dependent possession relations and the English double gentive”, pp. 1-15.
  • Alexis Black, “Acoustic and social parameters on phonetic imitation: gender, emotion, and feature saliency”, pp. 16-33
  • Alexis Black, “Ostension and definiteness in the Kwak’wala noun phrase: a syntactic and semantic examination”, pp. 34-50
  • Patrick Littell, “Mistaken identity: Boas’s dilemma and the missing Kwak’wala copula”, pp. 51-64
  • Masaki Noguchi, “OCP(voi) and lexical stratification in Japanese”, pp. 65-76
  • Masaki Noguchi, “A preliminary study of intonation in Kwak’wala”, pp. 77-90