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Sqwéqwel’s Nelh Skelkekla7lhkálha: Tales of Our Elders, front cover

Our newest publication

Sqwéqwel’s Nelh Skelkekla7lhkálha: Tales of Our Elders is a collection of narratives as told by well-known story tellers Bill Edwards, Martina LaRochelle and Sam Mitchell and recorded in the 1970s by Jan van Eijk and Aert Kuipers. It is published jointly by UBCOPL and USLCES, and the stories are presented in St’át’imcets, and English with an interlinear gloss. The paperback volume is available for purchase, and the PDF and original recordings are available for download free of charge.

Order both Sqwéqwel’s Nelh Skelkekla7lhkálha: Tales of Our Elders AND Sqwéqwel’ Múta7 Sptakwlh: St’át’imcets Narratives, and they will ship for free in Canada!


News about the Lillooet-English Dictionary

After much anticipation, we are in the process of preparing the 2nd edition of Jan van Eijk’s Lillooet-English dictionary. Physical copies of the book are expected to be available early this summer. To receive updates on the dictionary, including the announcement for preorders, sign up for our email newsletter.